Wilder World is a Global Gallery in Augmented Reality - It is currently an invite only platform that allows patrons to capture, collect and share sculptures around the World in Augmented Reality through our mobile app. ​The AR gallery is populated by the community, meaning that once you purchase a work - you then donate it to a location on the map for all to enjoy. You as the owner will also be given a link that allows you to view the work anywhere and anytime in AR.

This project is self funded through all purchases on this site. Every Friday we release a new digital sculpture from artists in our collective - Each drop is limited, meaning it will only be sold once for a certain duration or edition number and never be released again. Every sculpture is logged with a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure the limited nature, making all editions accurate and traceable. If you want to learn more about the Wilder World project checkout our Forbes and Hypebeast features.

If you are an artist looking to join our guild please sign up here.


If you purchase a work on this site you will automatically be invited to the Wilder World platform - bypassing the current waitlist. We accept all credit cards and Ethereum. If you purchase using Ethereum please email your transaction details to info@WilderWorld.com (This is currently only supported on desktop). If you would like to learn more about connecting a wallet view here.


Following your purchase you will receive a email with an invite to the Wilder World platform - Along with a request for your desired location to place the work, you will also be asked for your ETH wallet to receive your smart contract on the blockchain.


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